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"When A Old Earth Falls A New Earth Must Rise."

What Is This Game...

New Earth is a early access first person singleplayer (possible multiplayer) game tied in with a animated series "Dimensional Balance", in this game you play as Eon number 4-529 in a world now ruled by deformed, hungry, dead people. In this game you must build, craft, kill, and survive the new harsh world. Use miniature rockets, sharp weapons, massive guns, and personal meme named weapons to conquer. Battle different types of undead and form a new civilization through PEACE or WAR. Additional content will be made for this game.

What The Hell is this Wiki Supposed to be here for...

This wiki is the place to get info on this game and to be about to either understand what you already know or to find out things that you didn't know. It is also a place for some new info that was not already shown or revealed by the devs or workers of the game.

I wanna support the game or check out its development...

Well then just go to these links Gamejolt is where the game development is being posted, and Patreon is if you wanna help support the game by contributing to help us with the development of the game.


Our Teams Patreon

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    New page: Cate#or*-0 (CSJHB$HCJH#@) Edit WUIH#@*JB@U#&GSJHBM$J#&@$*&$*. 2*#&Y@*&$HJGBHJVJSK@*YHDSJ. WHI#O*&(EY@H*&$&Watc*h!ng 7@
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    New page: Category-8 (Omega strain) Edit The Omega strain is the eighth and last known version of the AM strain, They are the most dangerous strain known out...
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    New page: Category-7 (Scifer Strain) Edit The Scifer strain is the seventh version of the AM strain. they are mostly dangerous with nothing good on you. They...
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    New page: Category-6 (Eleno Strain) Edit The Eleno strain is the sixth version of the AM strain. It is much more difficult then most.The are more taking on the...
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    New page: Category-5 (Mako Strain) Edit The Mako strain is the fifth version of the AM strain. It is a relatively dangerous infected. They are the more ...
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    New page: Category-4 (Plato Strain) Edit The Plato strain is the fourth version of the AM strain. It is a some what more difficult version of infected. They...
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    New page: Category-3 (Alane Strain) Edit The Alane strain is the third class of the AM strain. It generally is a harder type of infected and is a more...

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